10 business you can start with N10000 in Nigeria

10 business you can start with N10000 in Nigeria

Do you have a little sum of money and you are thinking of how to invest it or wondering the type of business you can start in Nigeria.

Certainly! Here are ten business ideas you can consider with a budget of N10,000 in Nigeria:

Starting a business with a limited budget can be challenging, but with creativity and careful planning, it is possible to launch a venture with N10,000 in Nigeria. Here are ten business ideas that you can consider.

In this article, we will list some of the lucrative businesses you start with 10,000 naira in Nigeria in 2023.


One of the most well-liked and reasonably priced small-scale companies in Nigeria is the retail sale of recharge cards. The most recent National Bureau of Statistics study indicates that 222 million people in Nigeria own mobile phones. Although a phone has numerous uses today, the main reason it was created was so that individuals could make calls—within their own cities, across states, and even internationally—using a mobile device.

This implies that the significance of airtime cannot be overstated. While many Nigerians still purchase recharge cards from dealers, many still purchase airtime online and straight from banks. You must locate a wholesaler and acquire a range of recharge cards in bulk according to the network and rates, which you then resell, in order to start a business selling recharge cards with N10,000. When purchasing from wholesalers, there are typically lower prices, and depending on where you live, you may receive a 3% or 10% discount.


There are several occasions where you may easily acquire supply of little chops, often known as finger meals, including weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, business gatherings, and seminars. For those who don’t know, little chops typically include plantains, samosas, spring rolls, chicken or fish, snails, gizzards, and goat meat (asun). The number of goods you should put in your little chops box might be reduced to three or four.

In most cases, you already have the tools you need to cook the meal or snacks in your home, such as bowls, frying pans, sieves, trays, turning sticks, and knives, but if you don’t, you’ll need to acquire some of them.

Gas for cooking (you may use it if you have an oven at home)

Egg mixer

Flat wooden spatula


Measuring cups

These items are not expensive as you can get them between N5000 to N7000 depending on what you don’t have and what’s available.


Start a cleaning service where you offer home or office cleaning on a part-time basis. Invest in basic cleaning supplies and market your services locally.

Given that you only have N10,000, you could decide against purchasing a washing machine, but if you do, that’s a benefit. For washing softer clothing, use your hands, and use brushes on harder fabrics like denim and other things.

However, there are several stores where you may get a gently used little washing machine for between N5000 and N7000, as well as a secondhand pressing iron for N1.500. The remaining funds can be used to purchase additional supplies like starch and detergent.

Things you need include;


Detergent and soap

Packaging nylon




Starting a perfume oil business in tiny amounts from wholesalers and selling it to clients may be done with N5000 or N7000 out of N10,000. People want to smell good for longer periods of time, thus it’s necessary to conduct thorough research on the items to find the scent that will appeal to clients.

Finding a trustworthy vendor that can offer you the best perfume oils at reasonable costs may be helpful. Negotiate to purchase as many scents as your budget will allow you to, then start marketing them online or in your area.


Approaching someone who is already involved in the selling of old clothing from London is the easiest method to break into this profitable industry. Learn how much and where he purchases them in bulk. Selling used clothing, or okrika, is another profitable venture that may bring in between N15,000 and N25,000 per day.

One garment costs N1,000, according to a dealer in Garki Area 10, Abuja, who also claims to have a large bag full of variously patterned clothing. Thus, if he sells 20 items of clothing in a single day, he would earn N20,000.

If you spend N10,000 to buy 10 items of clothing from him for N1,000 each, then travel to a different area and sell yours for N1,500, you would have earned N15,000. You have made N5000 in profit, and you may use the remaining N10,000 to purchase 10 additional outfits.

You would make a profit of N35,000 at the end of the week, and you would deposit N140,000 in the bank at the end of the month.

6. Car Wash Services

Start a mobile car wash service or partner with a local car wash facility to offer cleaning services. Invest in basic cleaning supplies and promote your services to car owners.

The Things you need to purchase after you have get location that’s safe and nearby water area. Purchase cleaning products such as car shampoo, tire cleaner, glass cleaner, Bucket and interior cleaning solutions. Start with basic, affordable products and upgrade as your business grows.

Remember, starting a car wash business requires hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. It’s important to continuously improve the quality of your services, build relationships with customers, and adapt to market demands to ensure long-term success.

To be continued…..

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