Alujo Cultural Musical Festival

Alujo Cultural Musical Festival-1st African music cultural showcase in UK-2nd

The Alujo Cultural Music Festival produced by Crux Nxtion was a celebration of the richness and diversity of African cultural music. The festival took place at the Kelu Sky in Sheffield ON THE 18Tth of December, 2023 and featured a line-up of talented musicians and dancers from various African countries.

The festival kicked off with a mesmerizing performance by the South African marimba band; Imperial boys’ band, showcasing their rhythmic prowess and unique style. The audience was captivated by the intricate melodies and beats that filled the air, and it set the tone for the rest of the evening.

The Nigerian Afrobeat superstar, Hamzard took the stage next, and his energetic and charismatic performance had the entire audience dancing and singing along. His fusion of traditional African rhythms and modern jazz and funk was a perfect representation of the festival’s theme and the spirit of the African music culture.

The festival also featured performances by other talented African musicians and dancers, such as the Nigerian fuji band Segun Live Band . Each act brought their unique style and energy to the stage, and the audience was treated to a diverse range of African cultural music.

However, despite the outstanding performances, the festival had some areas that could have been improved. The sound quality was not consistent throughout the night, and there were moments where the vocals were drowned out by the instruments.

Additionally, the lighting and stage setup could have been better to enhance the overall ambiance of the festival.
Overall, the Alujo Cultural Music Festival was a great showcase of African cultural music, with a talented lineup of musicians and dancers that left the audience thoroughly entertained.

However, there is room for improvement in certain aspects of the production to elevate the festival’s overall experience.

Looking forward, Crux Nxtion has announced plans to produce similar events in the future, and we look forward to seeing how they incorporate the feedback from the Alujo Cultural Music Festival to enhance their upcoming productions.

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