Elon Musk is not the best person to run Twitter – Former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

Elon Musk is not the best person to run Twitter - Former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, has voiced his displeasure with Elon Musk’s management of the microblogging service since the changeover.

Jack made the comments on his Twitter alternative platform Bluesky, where he asserted that if Musk or Twitter had backed out of the agreement last year, they should have walked away and paid the $1 billion termination fee.

Jack Penned, “If Elon or anyone wanted to buy the company, all they had to do was name a price that the board felt was better than what the company could do independently. This is true for every public company. Was I optimistic? Yes. Did I have the final say? No. I think he should have walked away and paid the $1 billion.”

Additionally, Jack criticised Musk for introducing the Blue Badge subscription policy, calling it a trap that uses payment as proof of human existence.

He declared, “Payment as an evidence of human is a trap, and I am not at all in agreement with that. Millions, if not billions, of individuals are excluded by the payment mechanisms utilised for that proof.

Jack publicly backed Musk in 2022 when he said that he was the only person he trusted to run the firm and said that he had faith in him. Now, Jack is criticising Musk’s management of Twitter.

In 2022, Jack tweeted, “In theory, I don’t think anybody should govern Twitter. On a protocol level, it aims to be a public benefit, not a business. Elon is the only one I trust to address the issue of it being a corporation, though. I believe in his effort to spread consciousness.

Jack Dorsey Tweet In 2022
Jack Dorsey Tweet In 2022

However, due to the massive layoffs of staff and the numerous changes he made to the platform, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has drawn widespread criticism.

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