Elon Musk Warns AI Could Destroy Civilization, Says Google Co-Founder Seeks ‘Digital God’

Musk Warns AI Could Destroy Civilization, Says Google Co-Founder Seeks ‘Digital God’

Billionaire Entrepreneur Elon Musk has given an obvious admonition that man-made reasoning (simulated intelligence) can possibly obliterate development, refering to the requirement for a new “supportive of human” Computer based intelligence choice that looks for reality.

Musk warned that existing AI technologies, such as Microsoft-aligned “ChatGPT” and Google-owned “DeepMind,” are being trained to be politically correct, which he believes is leading to an AI dystopia, in a recent extensive interview that aired on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday night.

Musk called for a new AI option that seeks the truth and noted that AI has the potential to destroy civilization. The singularity, the point at which AI surpasses human intelligence and cannot be predicted, is the source of his concerns.

“What happens when something unfathomably more brilliant than the savviest individual shows up in silicon structure? He stated, “It’s very difficult to predict what will happen in that situation.” The singularity is the name of it. a singularity, similar to a black hole, because it’s impossible to predict what happens after that.

The peculiarity is plausible, as per DeepMind President Demis Hassabis, who as of late noted in a “hour” interview on CBS that man-made intelligence could arrive at a condition of “mindfulness.” His remarks are notable given that Google fired an AI researcher last year for claiming that its LaMDA language model AI had gained consciousness. Google claimed that the assertions were untrue.

Musk stressed the requirement for alert with simulated intelligence and called for government oversight, refering to artificial intelligence as a “threat to general society.”

“AI is, in the sense that it has the potential—however small one may regard that probability, but it is nontrivial—it has the potential of civilizational destruction,” says the author. “AI is perhaps more dangerous than, say, mismanaged aircraft design, production maintenance, or bad car production.”

In the event that guidelines aren’t set up until “something awful has occurred,” then, at that point, it “might be past the point of no return.”

“The artificial intelligence might be in charge by then,” he added, noticing that it is “totally” workable for simulated intelligence to assume command and go with choices for individuals. ” He stated, “That’s definitely where things are headed for sure.”

Musk Says Google Co-Founder Seeks ‘Digital God’

Musk likewise examined his discussions with Google prime supporter Larry Page about artificial intelligence wellbeing. Page wanted to usher in an AI superintelligence or a “Digital God” as soon as possible, according to Musk, who stated that he expressed concern that Page was not taking the risks seriously.

Musk stated, “He really seemed to want digital superintelligence, which is basically a digital god, as soon as possible.”

He went on to say, “He has made many public statements over the years that the whole goal of Google is what’s called AGI, artificial general intelligence, or artificial superintelligence.” He is correct that while there is a lot of potential for good, there is also a lot of potential for bad.

Musk said he pushed for safeguarding mankind, to which Page supposedly considered him a “specist.”

When he referred to me as a specist, I wasn’t the only one present. Okay, yes, I am a spherologist. Musk made a joke, “You got me.” However, what are you?”

That was the tipping point. Musk added, “Google and Deep Mind had approximately three-quarters of all AI talent in the world at the time of the acquisition of Deep Mind.” They obviously had more computers than anyone else and a lot of money. Therefore, I think, “We are in a unipolar world here.”

Need for ‘Truth-Seeking’ AI

Musk co-founded OpenAI in order to “serve as a counterweight to Google,” but he left the company in 2018 as a result of a power struggle. From that point forward, the open source association has turned into a for-benefit organization “firmly aligned with Microsoft,” to Musk’s discontent.

He stated, “In effect, Microsoft has a very strong say, if not direct control over OpenAI right now.” Therefore, the situation is truly Microsoft-OpenAI-Google-Deep Mind, with the other two “heavyweights” in this field being Microsoft and Microsoft.

The tech extremely rich person, who has frequently communicated his anxiety about the gamble computer based intelligence models for the fate of human development, discussed his desire for a third option in the man-made intelligence scene.

Musk stated that he would attempt to develop a “maximum truth-seeking AI trained to care about humanity, be ideologically neutral, and seek to understand the nature of the universe” despite being “late to the game.”

We want to be humane. Make the future great for the people. Since we’re people,” Musk said.

He thinks that humans are an intriguing part of the universe, so an AI that cares about understanding the universe would be less likely to destroy civilization. As an illustration of why an AI with such an interest would not view humanity as a threat, he cited humanity’s decision not to kill chimpanzees.

OpenAI was developed with the goal of doing good. However, at this point, I am unable to determine whether it is actually performing well or not. I’m concerned about the fact that it is being taught to be politically correct, which is just another way to lie and say lies.

He added that training AI to be politically correct and, as a result, “deceptive” is a “path to AI dystopia.”

He stated, “So, I’m going to start something I call “Truth GPT,” or a maximum truth-seeking AI that attempts to understand the nature of the universe.” I figure this may be the best way to somewhere safe and secure, as in a simulated intelligence that thinks often about understanding the universe is probably not going to demolish people since we are a fascinating piece of the universe.”

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