LET’S TALK: Can Pregnant Woman Drink Wine?

LET'S TALK: Can Pregnant Woman Drink Wine?

Can pregnant women drink wine?

This has been a more pressing issues and most pregnant women always want to ask this question “Can I get to drink wine while pregnant” well, the answer is a no, no for us!

Health practitioner had several look on this issue but rather come up with a more appealing situation for nahnce delivery safety and which is “drink water and more of it, mostly have fruit or fruit juice home-made”.

Being pregnant you have to adjust to a lot of things from regular life to a preggy woman’s life, the reality is keeping yourself and the baby safe, that’s it, nothing else’s matters.

Wine basically put the baby in danger especially when you take too much of it, it can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, this particually occurs when you take your wine to a high level much more excessive

To this effect, the alcohol passed through the placenta and into the baby’s blood stream and this a whole bad one, the baby might get a mutation, physical abnormalities, mental retardation and biryn defect that’s why we urge mother to stay off alcohol or wine for the time being.

The American College Of Obstetrician and Gynecologist, The Americans Pregnancy Association and the American Academy of pediatrics all note that no amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe. As a pregnant mother try and avoid alcohol or wine bacause of the complications that comes with it.

Be a preggy careful mother and save your sanity and your child’s.

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