LET’S TALK: Who Should Be Next SOUN Of Ogbomosholand

Who should be the next SOUN of Ogbomosoland?
The right should be right and the wrong should be wrong but why is the “wrong” “right”?

In a city where there are rules guiding issues, there shouldn’t be turbulences and controversies, right? But, why is the case of choosing an “OBA” with the constitutional right illegal? What’s going on? The people of Ogbomoso should wake up!!

Moreover, when there was no law there was a practice by the people for over 200years back and it’s being followed peacefully, before the invention of law it was the usage of “idi oko” which means the direct son to the next ruling family shall be chosen but when there no direct sons anymore they shift their focus and that was what brought about the 1853’s law which state that “the direct son or the direct grandson from the ruling family of whom their family is the next”.
Moreso, it’s rotational and they have written words from the contestants, yes! And there has been syncing? Yes. Out of all the 23 surely there will be just one “the chosen one” to represent.
The Olaoye family is the next in line to represent the throne and this shouldn’t be a problem because their direct son and grandson whose father has served the throne and is buried in the so-called “ABATA”!! So, next in line is to crown the direct son or grandson.

The next oba is known and I didn’t see the reason(s) why he should not be crowned as of now but either way the truth of the matter and the heir apparent to the throne is AMB. ENGR. PRINCE MUHAMMED KABIR OLAOYE is the direct grandson of the family.
No controversy whatsoever, it’s clear and direct “direct grandson”. I think this is high time the truth prevails Because the town can’t continue like this there must be a versatile ruler someone who is concerned about the people and someone who has been with them and knows their cries!
All religious fanatics should keep their mouth away from upturning the peace and harmony of Ogbomosho upside-down. It has been over so many decades now since our great forefathers have been living peacefully without any religious intolerance.

Our town should always come first before any religious permutation or selfish interest
It’s time to raise the voice and let the right man do his ASSIGNMENT!

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