“She can’t try this Nigeria” – Reactions as female student beäts her class teacher, breaks her leg (Video)

“She can’t try this Nigeria” – Reactions as female student beäts her class teacher, breaks her leg (Video)

A video of a student who physically attacks her teacher in a class in one of the foreign countries has emerged online and by extension become one of the trending discussions.

In the now-gone-viral clip, the female student while in the class stood up from where she was sitting amongst her classmates and went to confront her that she doesn’t like the way she is talking to her, and that was just the beginning.

The female student further went more fierce with her teacher, during the process throwing her phone on the ground and leaving students mouths wide open.

The teacher attempted to be calm by moving away from the student, but the female student who is already in a violent exchange with the teacher keep moving closer to the teacher who is on her way out of the class.

Not ending there, the female student while trying to shut the door on her, hit the teacher with the door who in turn goes hard on in return and the duo went on fist to fist battle.

The female student and the teacher kept fighting and they both landed on the floor.
Further reports show that the student ended up breaking the teacher’s legs and she later left on a stretcher.

Watch the videos below;

As anticipated, the videos stirred up several reactions, while some said, the female student lacked home training, others noted that such a fight like that can’t happen in Nigeria as just a slap will automatically bring her back to her normal senses.

Read some reactions below;

official_ose007: Most kids for abroad nor get respect 🙏… just imagine…
engrpeacea This is: soooooo wrong, what impression are you giving other kids. Grateful I was born a Nigerian, discipline was part of what shaped my life👏.

ichie_agu1: I hate American privilege to kids. The insults and rudeness from these kids is too much . Imagine a student fighting or being rude to his/her teacher in 9ja .

superwoman9ja:  Wow 😮. This is clearly a transfer of aggression. All the bottled up emotions that are supposed to be directed to the ‘right people’. She burst am ontop teacher.

onlyonefrank_: They need to be bringing all these children to Nigeria for just a year,Their orientation go change, Nobody go tell them.

fiisiiayomi: These are the enablements Nigerian faux bougie parents wants schools to tolerate and accept! God forbid bad thing!

cynthia_chidimma_: This is one of the reasons many black parents doesn’t want to raise their kids abroad.

chef_ivyjones1: I’m proud to be from Nigeria 😂😂 dem no born her well..

okeybakassi: In an attempt to prevent children from experiencing the kind of “hardships” their parents survived, a generation of spoilt, entitled, and disrespectful kids have been created. It’s worse in the so-called “civilised countries”; where a 6yr old took gun to school and shot the teacher. An opportunity exists for Africa to teach the world how to discipline kids, but we are not “organised”. Masquerade dey look face before e flog person….is a Nigerian proverb.

iamch.ristabel: U can’t try this in Nigeria.


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