#SOUNSTOOL: Who is the rightful heir?


Why are the people silent, and why is there a sudden bid for the throne?
I guess the “throne” has a process and that is definitely how it operates so, how come there is a bid on choosing the next heir, this seems fetish and selling off…

Shall we begin with the people of the town that had no ruler for the past “6” good months, how there has been unlawful treatment and manslaughtering in the town, is that not enough to rethink the steps and do it for the people and not the luxuries? Luxuries shall fade but the people’s cry shall prevail either way.

Every practice has a focus and a focus is solving a pain point. Then, why is this not solving a problem but adding to it that’s where we should check ourselves as people? It would be better if this “FOCUS” solved the people’s “PAIN” and the “TOWN”.

The next house to partake in the ruling system is the LAOYES’ this submits confusion and the law states that ” the direct son or the direct grandson of the ruling house should take up the throne” there’s this practice of the next heir recognizing where their direct father was buried in the palace which is the “ABATA”. He has the tomb in the palace as we speak, so why the sentiments about the eligibility?

The direct heir, apparent to the throne and most qualified among the contenders, his great grandfather was the king of ogbomosholand in the year 1944 – 1952 which equals 8 years of reign.
Amb. Engr. Prince Muhammad Kabir Olaoye has met all these standards and it’s accurate no controversy but why is there a change of voice trying to give it out to someone who didn’t meet half the list?

We make bold to say “he is the most qualified” and therefore, the right thing should be done and the “KINGMAKERS and the OLAOYES’ should stop mortgaging the exalted seat of SOUN of ogbomosholand.
The youths are tired and we commend them for their patience.
Let all remain calm and be prayerful on this issue as we believe the court will determine and translate all the laws, culture, customs and traditions that are tied to who is eligible to become SOUN of ogbomosholand.

Doing the right thing at the right time is easy for the town and the people of the town inclusive!

Dear Kingmaker, we beseech you to prove your utmost self, release the throne and crown the one that met the standard! Don’t spoil what was left peacefully and in order. DO IT AND MAKE SURE IT’S THE RIGHT THING!

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