This is so Heartbreaking! Watch as Sick Man Sleep Infront of Bank after being denied Access to his Money to pay Hospital bills (Video)

A Nigerian man who is battling a terrible sickness has been forced to take extreme measures to get his money from his bank account.

He visited his bank to withdraw money but due to the shortage of naira notes, he was unable to get cash, so he decided to position himself at the bank to compel them to release his money by any means necessary.

The ailing man took a sleeping mattress to the front of the bank and slept there through the night all to make them see that he needs the money to pay his hospital bills.

In a video making the rounds online, he cried out for help while being interviewe, and said that apart from not having money to settle his medical bills, he also need it to feed his family.

According to the man, he does not have an ATM card, neither does he have mobile apps or know how to do mobile banking.

He said he has been begging the bank to allow him withdraw money for days but they keep refusing to release the cash.

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